Should or Must?


"Hogyan kommunikálj egy baráttal, ha tanácsot szeretnél adni? Mennyivel másképp kommunikál valaki, aki felettes pozícióban van? A videóból mindez kiderül."  Lados Olivér

Hello, look at this man. Has he got any money? Nobody, has not, he is broke.

He has got no money, he is broke.

This man is my friend and I want to help my friend. One day I meet my friend and I tell him.  

Hey Greg you should buy a suit. And you should go on a job interview. You should find a job. (I do not sey you must. Must is very strong. At ?? has the students. You must do the homework. You must open your book. I am not Greg's teacher, I am not Greg's boss, I am not Greg's father, so I do not sey must. I want help.)

Az the job interview you should smile. (You should smile non-stop)

(and after the job interview) When you get the job, you should work hard

Now let's look at another situation. This man is a smoker. He smokes a lot. He smokes a lot of cigarettes and of corse he has got problems, healt problems.

He coughs lot (And is not good, not healthy. When you are healthy you are fit, but coughing is not healthy. When you cough you are not fit, you are not healthy. So smoking cigarettes is not healthy. It is not good for you. He is my friend I wanted to help my friend. So I tell my friend. Hey Stewe.)

You should stop smoking

You should not smoke cigarettes (At all none. Steve my friend I am not a boss. So I do not say: you must not smoke a cigarette. Oke my scent is very strong, and they are not his father. So I do not say you must not. And I am not his teacher, I do not say you must not smoke in the scool. And a friend I tell my friends you should not smoke. You should stop smoke. You should stop smoking.)

You should go hiking in the mountains (Because is it healthy. It makes you fit. And the air is fresh and it is good for the health you. You should stop smoking, you should go hiking in the mountains.)

You should go riding the bicycle (every day because riding the bicycle, hiking in the mountains are healthy. They make you fit. You should hike, you should ride a bicycle) 

But  look at this girl.

She is a little bit overweight (So this girl is a bit overweight. And she is not happy wirh that, she wants to change. She wants to do something, because she is my friend I tell her: Julie

You should stop junk eating junk food (Junk food is bad food like Mc Donald's hamburgers. They are junk. Ice cream, coke, coke is junk. Popcorn, popcorn is junk. They are not enough nutrients. In it nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals. So junk food is not healthy. 

(So) Julie you should not eat junk food (you should eat healthy food, nutritious, nutritious food is full nutrients, proteins, vitamins, minerals)

(And) Julie you should do exercises every day (you should give physical exercises. You should do sports. Julie is my friend I am not her boss, so I do not say you must. That is too strong. I am not a teacher. So I do not say you must do exercises every day, no. Because I am not a teacher. I can not say it because we are friend. I say you should exercises every day. I want to have her. 

You should have a good diet (in this picture the diet is bad junk food, pizza, do not french fries, and so on but Julie you should have a good diet. Healthy, nutritious diet)


broke letört

suit öltöny

cough köhög

hike túra

hiking túrázás 

overweight  túlsúly

junk food  egészségtelen étel

exercises  feladatok

nutritious tápláló

nutrients tápanyagok