15. London


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Hear and read the audio picture book again and answer the questions.

The video  is 28 minutes.

Level: Beginner

Comprehension - Questions:

1.  Whitch is in the London Zoo?

2. In whitch park you can boating the lake colled Serpentine ?

3. When was the first time they played Agatha Christie's The Moustrap?

4. When can you buy a cheaper ticket to the most expensive cinema?

5. Where are the kings and queens crowned?

6. Where can you find the Royal Opera House?

7. In whitch teaters watch ballett?

8. Where does Chelsea team play?

9. What can do you do in MOMI?

10. How many people lives in The City?

11. How high is the Monument?

12. When is the Netting Hill Carneval? 

                                                                                         Wrote the questions : (Hello) Kitty

Comprehension - Answers:

1. The London Zoo is in the beautiful Regent's Park.

2. The Serpentine Park is in the Hide Park.

3. They played first time Agatha Christie's The Moustrap in 1952.

4. We can to buy a cheaper ticket to the most expensive cinema on Mondays.

5. The Kings and Queens crowned in the Westminster Abbey.

6.  We can to find the Royal Opera House in the Covent Garden.

7. We can to watch ballett at the Royal Opera House or at the Sadler's Wells Theatre.

8. The Chelsea team does play at Stamford Bridge, Fullham Road, SW6.

9. We can to read the news on TV, and we can act with actors on a film 'set' in the MOMI.

10. Five thousand people lives in The City.

11. The Monument is 60.6 meters high.

12. The Netting Hill Carneval is on the last sunday and monday August.

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